• GAIA Is Hiring


    30th of August - 2nd of September 2018

  • Gaia is hiring

    If your destiny is to make your talents available in service to the blue-green planet GAIA – whether you are already doing it or not – then the UnConference is an event where you meet like-minded people, get to connect, and start or collaboratively expand projects together. For 4 days the UnConference offers sufficient space for exchange, mutual inspiration, and whatever else wants and needs to emerge.

    The background

    In summer 2015 the Possibility Management Trainer Patrizia Servidio followed an amazing impulse to announce online that GAIA IS HIRING (See link). She has since then been receiving an overwhelming response. After being joyfully surprised but also flabbergasted she invited a team to come together and organize the first “GAIA IS HIRING” UnConference.

    The Call

    To enlarge the team of planet Earth, Gaia is looking for evolutionaries working in full self-responsibility and on a freelance basis in different departments (e.g. cultural evolution, regeneration and conservation of flora and fauna, sustainable energy production, evolution of the economy, enlivening soils, upgrading human thoughtware, etc.)

    - Are you willing to put your talents in service of something bigger than yourself?

    - Are you ready to take radical responsibility for everything you do and don‘t do?

    - Are you willing to leave your comfort zone and explore the unknown?

    The VISION

    A growing team of extraordinary, inspired, and like-minded people with a strong vision of what is possible who lead a purposeful life, being their destiny in action and creating a future where all living beings can live harmoniously on planet Earth instead of merely surviving. If you are interested to meet with your team-colleagues, join us at the UnConference. We are looking forward to creatively collaborating with you!

  • The UnConference


    An UnConference is a flexible and co-creative process using extraordinary meeting technologies to enable all participants to participate with enthusiasm and joy. Learning, communicating and sharing ideas happen in a dynamic and participatory way on eye level. Complex problems can be explored, relationships promoted and new forms of cooperation developed. Through the self-organizing structure, the group actively contributes to the creation of the program, supported by experienced spaceholders.


    But GAIA UnConference goes even beyond. Since we can only guess what a world would look like in which we work in harmony with the planet, we have to take steps into the unknown. The spaceholders of the GAIA UnConference are trained to pave the way into the unknown, which is so wide and safe that the whole group can go there. They create a space for emergence - so that things can arise which in the sense of evolution are ready to come up.

    We support each other's further unfolding. This is pure joy happening, a four-day High-Level-Fun invention festival.


    Find more information: Gaia Is Hiring UnConference

    Connect - Explore - Collaborate

    We will deal with issues such as ...

    • What cultural paradigms lead to the destruction of our own livelihood?
    • How can we find and change these ways of thinking within ourselves?
    • How would a culture look like in which work and life are not separate from one another?
    • How can we come from the "survival mode" into real aliveness and what does that mean concerning money?
    • What concrete steps can each individual take to bring about this paradigm shift?

    You can specify the questions which move you personally in the registration form!

    Exploration Spaces

    • Spaces indoors and outdoors in nature
    • Plenary spaces and small groups spaces
    • Spaces in which we ...
      - research topics and pursue questions
      - do transformative processes
      - network, share, forge alliances
      - develop and introduce projects and find collaborators
      - design and build real stuff - in a workshop
      - work in and with nature
      - learn from each other, share experiences
      - we just are with each other, relax and celebrate
      - and a lot more
    • A "process space" for personal processes.
  • The benefit of the Unconference

    As a participant of the GAIA UnConference you profit among other things by the possibility,
    • to connect with like-minded people, to share and to network and thus to be part of a growing community;
    • launch and develop heart projects for GAIA in order to bring your visions into the world and to have an impact;
    • to get inn deep personal contact with GAIA and to learn to listen with your heart and soul to what message she provides for you/us;
    • to find out where your "self-made" limitations lie and overcome them with the help of the group;
    • to find out how you work in the service of GAIA, live your calling and contribute to ecological and social regeneration;
    • and much more! See complete document

    Get support for your projects:
    • develop and initiate ideas for projects together with others;
    • find a collaborators for your project, so that you work in the team instead of being a single fighter;
    • in other people's projects;be a collaborator
    • present your project to the group, we will film your presentation, so you get material for a crowdfunding campaign.

    The Program

    Since the program is mainly created by the participants in each moment, there can be no fixed agenda. Nevertheless, we would like to give you an approximate impression of the structure and timing of the UnConference.

  • impressions of the first gaia unconference

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • the Logistics

    UnConference Fee


    After experimenting with different price models, we decided to take a new approach regarding the participation fee for the UnConference and apply the principles of shared economy.


    A minimum registration fee of 150 € will be charged, which will be due with your registration. With that you reserve your seat at the UnConference.


    In addition, you can choose your own individual contribution. This is due during the UnConference. We will present the sum of expenses transparently, as well an average fee per person, so that everyone gets a sense of what their appropriate contribution might be. We trust in the solidarity of the community of the participants.


    Children (until 14) – free plus room/board


    We will provide delicious and healthy food with a catering solution according to the number of participants.


    So we cannot yet estimate the costs per day for full board. We will let you know as soon as we know.


    Single (40 € per person/night)

    Double (35 € per person/night)

    Dorm (30 € per person/night)

    own camper (20 € per person/night)

    own tent (20 € per person/night)

    hey barn with own sleeping bag (15 € per person/night)

    We can also help you with booking external accomodation in the neighborhood



    After registration we send you a detailed logistic letter with all relevant information about food and accommodation.

  • Register Now

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  • Organize one yourself

    We dream of seeing GAIA IS HIRING UnConferences all over the World.

  • the context

    Possibility Management is a thoughtware that springs from the context of radical responsibility and expands the way of thinking and living. With new thoughtware and a new way of living you can create completely new results without changing the circumstances. Possibility Management builds bridges between modern culture which brings humanity to its limits, and possible next cultures which are sustainable and sane.


    Outer change starts with inner change. This is why Possibility Management works with all four bodies: physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic. It enables you to use and tap inner and outer resources which go far beyond what (just) the mind could ever provide you with.

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